Are Markets Plunging Again? Is This A Prelude To A Global Depression?

Oil price has crashed and crashed hard. Nobody could have imagined oil price to fall down to $27 per barrel. But now market analysts are saying this is just a prelude and oil prices can fall down even further too $10 per barrel. Just imagine oil price crashing down to $10 per barrel. Fall in the oil prices is making global markets nervous and jittery. Is this a prelude to a market crash? Markets around the world are deep in the red this year: two major U.S. indices are down by more than 6% since the start of the year. Oil prices are also hovering near their lowest level in over a decade.

This is the same as what happened in 2008 when first Bears Sterns imploded followed by Lehman Brothers. After that AIG and the other big banks were about to implode when the US government and the FED came running for their rescue. There was too much systemic risk in their implosion.

Debt bubble is growing and growing. All it needs an external trigger to burst it. Watch the video below that is predicting a global economic collapse in 2016.