Auto FX Payday Robot by Sam Taylor Turned $1K Into $166.132K In 12 Months!

Auto FX Payday Robot by Sam Taylor from UK is making a lot of ripples. Auto FX Payday Robot turned a deposit of $1,000 made on 2011.01.02 into $166,132.25 by 2011.12.23.  The max drawdown made by this Auto FX Payday was 9.7% which is acceptable and the profit factor was 1.87. You can take a detailed look at the third party verified live account performance statistics posted on myfxbook. This is only a screenshot, it would have been better if the link to the myfxbook performance stats were also provided.

The backtest results are also very good. The backtest results for the Auto FX Payday robot shows a deposit of $1K turning into $12 million on 5 years of historical data trading EUR/USD pair on M15 timeframe with a risk of 1%. Similarly another backtest shows AutoFXPayday turning a deposit of $1K into $14 million for the same period of 5 years trading GBP/USD pair with the same risk of 1%. The drawdown was 4.94% over this period which is very good.

You need to watch the Auto FX Payday video where Sam Taylor rightly points out some mistakes that many traders make while trading with a robot. The most important mistake that most traders make while trading with a forex robot is to use large lot sizes. The trick that makes a forex robot perform well is using small lot sizes. Another thing that the traders don’t check is what the reward to risk ratio of the trades being made by the robot.

You see you can win 90% of the time and still lose money if the reward to risk ratio is poor. Let’s make it clear with an example. Suppose, your average win size is $1 and your average loss size is $5. You win rate is 80%. You make $8 in a row of ten trades and lose $10. So, you made a net loss of $2. Suppose, the win rate is 90%. In that case you will make $9 and lose $5 making a net profit of $4. So you can see the size of the win is very important in trading in order to determine the overall profitability of a strategy or a system.

Suppose, your average win size is $10 and your loss size is $5. In this case with a win rate of 80%, you will make net profit of $70. So you can see how the profitability has improved dramatically. This is why you must take reward to risk ratio very seriously. This is in the end determine the overall long term profitability of your strategy or system. Reward to risk ratio is far more important than the win rate. This reward to risk ratio is also translated into the profit factor. A profit factor of 2 means for every $1 lost, $2 were made. This robot had the profit factor of 1.87. The profit factor for a robot should be high if it is going to make money for you.

These are statistical performance parameters that you can thoroughly check by testing a forex robot on a demo account. This is why we keep on pointing out the need to thoroughly test a forex robot on a demo account. Auto FX Payday EA has got a 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee period. If you get interested, this is what you need to do. Test it on the demo account for a period of 30 days. At the end of the month do a thorough analysis of the Auto FX Payday robot performance. If you don’t get good performance, go for a refund.

Now, make it a rule never ever trade a forex robot with a deposit of more than $1K no matter how good you find it in performance in testing. If you follow these simple rules, you will find that things will start working for you. If you get good performance further test Auto FX Payday on a live account with a deposit of $250 for one more month. If the performance is good, make a deposit of $1K and only then trade live with Auto FX Payday.