Binary Options Signals Europe With A Win Rate Of 72.5%!

Binary Options Signals Europe is a new signals service that has a win rate of 72.5%. What this means is that out of every 10 Binary Options Signals Europe signals, 7 will be winners on average and 3 will be losers. Binary options (BOs) is a new way to profit from the daily volatility in the markets. Unlike stock trading or forex trading where you have to manage the trade and worry about the stop loss and take profit targets all the time, when you trade BOs once you enter the trade it is set and forget. No need to worry about the stop loss or take profit. You even don’t need to worry about getting any margin calls. Enter the trade and close the computer if you want, you can check later the results of the trade.

This is how binary options get traded. Suppose you have done technical analysis and you are quite sure that GBP/USD rate that is right now 1.5728 will go above this rate in the next one hour. Now, you don’t need to do complicated technical analysis to know how much this rate can go above in the next one hour. You just need to figure out using some method with a high degree of probability that this rate is going to end up above 1.5728 after one hour.

You buy a CALL with $10 investment. It is upto you how much you invest on one trade. It can be $10, $100 or even $1000. The amount you invest is your risk as simple as that. If you bet on the wrong market direction and GBP/USD rate ends up lower than 1.5728, you will lose your initial investment. You need to keep this fact in mind, if you make money you can lose money as well.

So you decide to invest only $10 on a CALL. CALL means that the market rate will end up higher than 1.5728 after one hour. It doesn’t matter whether it ends higher by a few pips. All you need to know is that it will end up higher than this rate. After one hour if the rate if 1.5738, you get $18.1 (some brokers give 81% return while others give 75% return). And if the rate after one hour is 1.5720, you lose your initial investment of $10.

Now in the above example, you thought that market will move up. But suppose, you are confident that the market will move down. In that case you will buy a PUT. PUT means the market rate will end up lower than what it is now. In our case 1.5728. So when you buy a PUT with $10 investment, if the rate ends up at 1.5720 after one hour, you will make $18.1 and if it ends up at 1.5738, you lose $10. Due to this reason binary options are also known as All or Nothing Options as well as Digital Options as there are only two possible outcomes either a return of 81% or zero.

Binary Options Signals Europe Service

As you must have understood by now, trading BOs needs a system that can tell you with a high degree of probability the market direction in the next few hours. There are traders who do their own technical analysis to figure out where the market will be in the next few hours. However using Binary Options Signals Europe service will help you avoid spending hours doing your own fundamental and technical analysis. You will get the signals with the asset name, entry price, expiry and the direction of BO meaning PUT or CALL. You decide how much you want to invest on one trade.

But how do you check the accuracy of these Binary Options Signals Europe. There are a few brokers now who allow you to open a demo account without making any deposit. For example, Banc de Binary broker allows a $50K demo account without any deposit requirement. Binary Options Signals Europe comes with 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee period. So this is what you need to do. Open an account with Banc de Binary and ask them to provide you with a $50K demo account. Test these Binary Options Signals Europe on the demo account for full two months. At the end of two months, do the maths and see what was the average win rate of these signals. If you are satisfied with the win rate, you can think about trading live with Binary Options Signals Europe and if you don’t get good results get a refund.