Binary Trader PRO Software Can Make $200-$800 Daily!

Now a days, almost every week a new binary options trading software is hitting the market. Binary Trader PRO is a new binary options trading software by Dave Nielsen who claims that he is making from $200 to $800 daily with it. Let’s be clear trading binary options is just a difficult as it is to trade forex. You shouldn’t fall for the hype. You are trading the same market but with a different instrument.

The only advantage when trading binary options is that you don’t need to worry about the stop loss and the take profit targets. Profit per trade is fixed and the risk is also fixed. Risk is your investment that you can lose if you lose the trade and profit is something like 71-81% per investment. Another advantage with binary options is that the trade is set and forget once you enter it.

BinaryTraderPROJust like forex, you won’t succeed in binary options without a system. But the problem is not many systems work. Even if they work, they don’t work for long. This software might work for sometimes then it might not work. You never know. So just like forex, first test this software on a demo account before you make your final decision whether you want to get a refund or risk trading live with it.

So if you want to try this software, first open a demo account and test it thoroughly on that account before you risk your real hard earned money. There are not many binary brokers that allow a demo account but Banc de Binary is one that allows you to have a unlimited $50K demo account as long as you want. Below is the screenshot of this BinaryTraderPRO making around $500 in one day.Binary Trader PRO As you can see there were 8 trades, 7 were winners and one was  a loser and a total of $598 was made. Now trading binary options just like trading forex as said above, requires a strategy or a system that tells you in which direction the market will move. Test this software thoroughly only then trade live with it.

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  • dhamarai

    January 27, 2013

    Thank you,i liked your Binary option software.I would like to know more details&cost.thanks.dhamarai