Complete Currency Trader Elite Insider’s Club FREE Membership

James Edward is a great forex trader. His Complete Currency Trader program is only for serious traders. If you are a real serious trader with a burning desire to excel and improve in all areas of trading than you can also join his Complete Currency Trader Elite Insider’s Club FREE. Yes, totally FREE. This is what you get when you join the Complete Currency Trader Insider’s Club FREE:

1-Three days per week you can attend the Live Trader Training Room run by an in-house FX Trader and Instructor. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday resident trader and student mentor will sit down and train you in live markets. He has got a very rich background. He comes from the corporate world where he was the operations manager at a Fortune 50 medical company. He started by trading options but switched to forex trading in 2008.

2. Every month you will be able to download the Complete Currency Trader Magazine FREE. This magazine is downloadable as in PDF format and is packed with news, analysis, articles, education, training and research. You will really like going through this magazine every month. Good thing, you will be able to download the magazine PDF FREE.

3. You will also be able to attend Live Webinars with the two trading masters James Edward and Dr. Kenneth Reid. Every month both these trading experts are going to hold a live webinar on a vital topic important to your trading success.

4. You will also get full access to the Currency Strength Analysis Indicator that will help you monitor the strength and weakness of 8 major pair on different timeframes. Read below what other people are saying about the Complete Currency Trader!

Complete Currency Trader

Complete Currency Trader