Cracking The Forex Code With Mario Sant Singh And Getting The FX Edge That Makes 8,652% Return In One Single Trade!!

Cracking The Forex Code is a course by Mario Sant Singh, CEO, FX1 Academy. Very few courses teach the FX Edge. Cracking The Forex Code by Mario Sant Singh will show you how to develop the FX Edge that is going to make you rich as a forex trader. In March 2009, AUD (Australian Dollar) started its rise against the USD (US Dollar). Those traders who had the FX Edge saw what was coming. They quietly jumped in the AUD/USD uptrend. True enough, by November 2009, AUD/USD had moved by 2163 pips or 21.63 cents.

You might be thinking 21.63 cents is not much. But what if you had used leverage. This is what most pro traders and hedge funds do. They use leverage. Without using leverage, the gains made in the forex market translate into tiny amounts. But pro traders and hedge funds use leverage like 100:1 or even more like 400:1. Suppose, you had used a leverage of 100:1 that is normally used, these 2163 pips if traded with 1 standard lot would have translated into $21,630.

You can trade one standard lot with an account balance of around $2K. Suppose, you had $10K in your account and you had traded 5 standard lots. These 21.63 cent gain made by AUD against USD would have translated into $108,150  giving you an ROI of 108.15% in 8 months. Now, suppose instead of the usual 100:1 leverage, you had used 400:1 leverage, do the maths, each $1,000 invested would have turned into $86,520 giving you a gain of 8,652% in just 8 months.

However keep this in mind, leverage is a double edge sword. It cuts both ways. If you make 2163 pips with one standard lot, you make $21,630 and if you on the other hand lose 2163 pips, you will lose $21,630. Don’t  worry, you won’t lose these much pips. Because as soon as the equity in your account starts decreasing, the broker gets worried that you are on the path to self destruction and might not be able to pay the loss. So a point reaches soon when you get a margin call from the broker depending on the equity in your account. Once you get the margin call all your trades get automatically closed and you are out of the market. But this usually happens to new traders who don’t know how much to risk in a trade. Stop loss limits the amount of loss that you can suffer from a single trade. The first thing that you need to do when entering into a trade is put the stop loss.

Legendary traders like Bruce Kovner got rich by using leverage. Bruce started trading forex with a $3,000 amount borrowed on his credit card in 1979. Once upon a time, he was a penniless taxi driver. Today, he lives in NY and own a big hedge fund worth billions of dollars. In simple terms, it is leverage that allows tiny fluctuations in the exchange rates turn into massive gains for the speculators. How do you avoid being cut by leverage? By using a stop loss that ensures that you don’t lose more than what you are willing.

All the legendary traders had the FX Edge. FX Edge means spotting trades that turn into massive gains of 8,652% in 8 months in one single trade like the one above. You don’t need to constantly stay glued to the charts. What you need is to develop the FX Edge that will help you spot such trades. Meet Mario Sant Singh and try his Cracking The Forex Code course RISK FREE for 60 days. If you feel Cracking The Forex Code does not give you the FX Edge, simply get a refund.

Mario Sant Singh is the CEO and co-founder of FX1 Academy. FX1 Academy is supposed to be the largest forex training academy in Asia. FX1 Academy has been featured on Channel News Asia. Mario Sant Singh has been featured in CNBC, Smart Investor, Personal Money, City News  and Your Choice. Mario has trained more than 2,500 students from countries like US, UK, Japan, India, Malaysia and Singapore develop the FX Edge and make a princely sum of money.

Cracking the Forex Code course is going to show you how to develop that FX Edge. And if you don’t like Cracking The Forex Code, you can always go for a refund within 60 days!