Forex 3000 Dollars Robot By Rita Lasker!

Rita Lasker has come up with this Forex 3000 Dollars Robot. What makes this Forex 3000 Dollars Robot special is the fact that many forex traders had requrested Rita Lasker to develop a forex robot that could make $3K or more consistently each and every month. So Rita Lasker has finally come up with the long awaited forex product. This forex robot works 100% automatically with 92% accuracy.

Forex 3000 Dollars

This is what Rita Lasker claims. Her Forex 3000 Dollars Robot has made a net profit of more than $40K in a matter of 4 months. In July, it is still running and has made a profit of more than $7K before the month has even ended. According to Rita Lasker, the Innovated Dual PRO Express Trading Algorithm allows you to trade EUR/USD and GBP/USD simultaneously with this robot.

Not only this. The Market Watch Intellectual Safety (MWI*) System monitors the price fluctuations in the market and detects the best moment to enter the trade. Now this MWI* system keeps on the monitoring the market and moves the stop loss to breakeven and then trails the price as the price action continues to move in favor of the trade. Now you should keep this in mind that the above profit of $40.174K made in 4 months was made during a back test. This profit was not made during live trading. So this is what we advise you to do. Do a forward test of this Forex 3000 Dollars Robot. If you get good results on a forward test only then take the risk of trading live with Forex 3000 Dollars Robot.

Forex 3000 Dollars

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  • Sam

    July 28, 2014

    Even with the activatoin key file from Rita I am not able to get this robot working: EA OFF. I tried to ask for help, no answer, asked for refund for almost 2 weeks but no reply at all from rita. Great Words on Rita’ site but does not keep her promise, really a shame….