Forex ASR Scalper Trading System For Trading On M1 Timeframe!

Forex ASR Scalper System has recently been released by its developers Forex MT4 Systems team. Forex ASR Scalper System is a powerful system according to the developers that works on the 1 minute timeframe. 1 minute timeframe is ideal for those people who don’t have much time to trade. On 1 minute timeframe, you can get multiple signals in one hour. So you can be done within 1-2 hours anytime of the day. According to the developers of ASR Scalping System, you can be done within 1-2 hours daily and make upto 100 pips using this scalping system. Below is the screenshot of the ASR Scalper Trading Strategy in action.

ASR Scalper Trading Strategy

Scalping requires a lot of precision. This is a fact. As a scalper, you will need to be very attentive when managing the trades especially on the M1 timeframe which is fast moving. This is the disadvantage of scalping on M1 timeframe. However, the advantage of trading of M1 timeframe is that you don’t have to wait much for a trading opportunity meaning there are multiple signals after every hour.

The only thing that you need is a high win rate scalping system that you can use to extract 10-20 pips each time you enter into a trade. According to the developers of this ASR Scalper System, their system is 90% accurate. It uses only two indicators. Using only two indicators means your chart will not be cluttered much and you will be able to clearly analyze each setup. The developers are claiming that their system does not repaint. This is something important as on M1 timeframe, the level of noise is high and the probability of getting false signals is also much higher. What you need is a system that can filter out the false signals. The two ASR Scalper indicators are:

1. ASR Arrows
2. ASR Slope

Below is the screenshots of both these indicators!

ASR Scalping System

ASR Arrows Indicator

ASR Slope Indicator

Now if you are a scalper of if you are interested in scalping and you are looking for a good system, you can test drive this system on the demo account for a period of 60 days as it comes with no questions asked money back guarantee of full 60 days. Make at least 40-50 trades with this system. After making these 40-50 trades, calculate the winrate and the average size of the win. If the performance is not good, you should get a refund. However if the performance is good you should further practice with this system on the demo account. Once you have got the hang of this ASR Scalper System, you can then switch over to live trading using this system.