Forex Breakout System-Learn How To Trade Like A Bank Trader!

Forex Breakout System will show you how to trade like a bank trader. Forex Breakout System has been developed by Dave. Dave has been involved in the forex market for a number of years but not in the usual sense. His specialty is real time system analysis and development. He works with professional traders who teach him their systems. Dave then automates, tests and analyzes their theories and assumptions. Over the years what he has learned is that the simpler the strategy, the more gains it makes and nothing gets simpler than trading ranges.

A range develops in the market when there is no clear trend present. The market starts moving between the two horizontal support and resistance levels. But sooner or later the market breakouts out of that range either in the up direction or the down direction. Forex Breakout System trades these range breakouts. You will get a Forex Breakout System custom indicator developed by Dave that will help you trade the range breakouts.

This custom indicator will help you plot the important ranges that you can trade. You might be wondering how many trading opportunities this system gives daily. With the Forex Breakout System, you will get on average 3 range breakout trading opportunity per pair. The range breakout strategy being used in this system is used by bank traders.

Forex Breakout System made 21 trades. 20 were winners and 1 was a loser. It made a profit of $1080 trading mini lots where 1 point gain translates into $1. You can download two custom indicators FREE by entering your name and email. You will get the manuals for the two indicators and the two indicator ex4 files. These two indicators are:

1. The Fisher Indicator and

2. Pivot Points Indicator

The Fisher Indicator PDF and Trading With Pivot Points PDF are good for understanding. Pivot Points work best in a trending market. There are many ways to use Pivot Points in your intraday trading. Pivot Points can work as filters for false signal prone indicators. In a ranging market, pivot points can give false signals. On the other hand, the Fisher Indicator uses the Inverse Fisher Transform. Inverse Fisher Transform is a complex mathematical formula that is used in the Fisher Indicator. Dave gives 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee.  So, you can try this Forex Breakout System by Dave RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account. If you don’t find the Forex Breakout System good, get a refund.