Forex Brian Trainer Candlestick Patterns 7 Day FREE Trial

Forex Brian Trainer is a video product that has been developed to help you easily recognize the price patterns and predict changes for greater trading success. Forex Brain Trainer programs your mind effortlessly to recognize information through the use of repetition. This Forex Brain Trainer trains your mind to instantly recognize candlestick patterns. Watch the Forex Brian Trainer Explanation video below!


Candlesticks are considered to be important trend reversal as well as trend continuation patterns. Properly recognizing these candlestick patterns will help you a lot in making the right trading decisions. On higher timeframes candlestick patterns work very well in predicting trend reversal as well as trend continuation. 57 universal candlestick patterns have been programmed into  this video software. Below is the list of the 57 universal candlestick patterns that have been programmed into this training software.

Forex Brain Trainer

As you can see, this list contains almost all the important candlestick patterns. The training that you get by using this software is indispensable in our opinion. With this software, you will be able to avoid the mistake of incorrectly identifying an important candlestick pattern. Now you can try this Forex Brian Trainer Software for 7 days FREE. Just click on the above link, enter your name and email and start your 7 day trial. If you like the Forex Brain Trainer during this 7 day trial, you can buy it for a small price of $47 and use it 10 minutes daily to improve your candlestick pattern recognition skills.

Forex Brain Trainer