Forex Illuminati Software Turned $2K into $1.5M On Autopilot!

Forex Illuminati Software has been developed by a group of 9 forex traders. Forex Illuminati Software took 13 years of tweaking, testing and real market trading to develop. One of these forex traders is a numbers genius. Another one of these forex traders is an open source programming expert. He was instrumental in developing the Forex Illuminati Software. You might be wondering what makes Forex Illuminati different from other forex robots.

Forex Illuminati 5R Probability Code

Well anyone can programme a forex robot, backtest it and claim that it will work on a live account. But when you trade live with it, you will blow your account pretty soon. Even if the forex robot makes a gain for a few weeks, most of them will give it back and make a huge drawdown when the market shows sudden volatility. However, the Forex Illuminati team claims that there 5R Probability Code guarantees a good performance in any market condition.

Forex Illuminati has been trading live for the last 5 years. The Forex Illuminati team has posted live monthly performance of their robot with 1% risk settings. The monthly return varies from as low as 0.03% to as high as 25.79%. However, no month appears to have a negative return. Forex Illuminati team has posted a video that shows the live account statement of this robot turning $2,000 into over $1,586,791.96.

Forex Illuminati

Steve Johansson from Oxnard, CA made a gain of 1185.22% with Forex Illuminati. The third party verified live account statement shows a monthly gain of 29.26% with a drawdown of 9.48% turning a deposit of $5K into $64.261K.

Testing Forex Illuminati

The test of a pudding lies in eating. You should take a detailed look at the performance stats of this forex robot. There is a 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. If you get interested, you can first test Forex Illuminati on a demo account for a period of one month. At the end of the month, check what was the return and what was the drawdown during the month. If the return is good and the drawdown is lower than 8%, you can open a live account with a deposit of $300-$500 and trade live with Forex Illuminati. Use the lowest risk setting of 1%.