Forex Laser Delivers 191.32% Ruturn in 1 Month!

Forex Laser is a highly profitable trading strategy that will be executed automatically onto your trading account using a trade copier EA. Forex Laser is a multi timeframe, multi direction and a multi pair strategy that you can profit using even micro as well as mini lots. Forex Laser third party verified demo account statement has been posted on myfxbook that you can take a detailed look. Daily gain is 3.66% and the monthly gain is 191.32%. But the drawdown is 36.35%. A demo account means that the developer is still not confident to trade Forex Laser live with real money.

Posting third party verified account statements has almost become a forex industry standard. Now, there are two type of statements that are being posted by the developers on the third party verified sites like the myfxbook. One is the live account statements and the other is the demo account statements. If the developer has posted a demo account statement, it can only mean one thing. Either the developer is not confident to trade live with real money or the developer is still in the process of forwarding testing the system.

Obviously if the system is so good, the developer should post a live account statement. So some developers will post live account statements on these third party verified sites. But when you take a deeper look, the deposit will be only $250-$500. Again this means that the developer has not tested the system thoroughly and does not want to risk more money on his system.

Whatever, it is always a good idea to take a deeper look at these third party verified demo or live account statements. Always check what was the drawdown. A drawdown higher than 8% is not considered to be good. Now after checking these statements, if you get interested check that the system has got at least 60 days of money back guarantee. If it does than you can think about testing it yourself on your demo account first.

If you get interested in Forex Laser after taking a closer look at the myfxbook statement, you can test it RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account. First test it on your demo account for one month. Choose settings that results in a lower drawdown. Ideally it should be less than 8%. Check how much was the return made by Forex Laser with low risk settings. If the return is acceptable, further test Forex Laser on a live account with a small deposit of $250 using the same low risk settings  that you had used to get a low drawdown. If the performance of Forex Laser on the live account is again good, you can think about trading live with Forex Laser .