Forex Secrets Exposed-How Does Upto $1K in 3 Hours Sound?

Forex Secrets Exposed reveals proven strategies on video that can make you $500, $700 or even $1000 in 3 hours every day. Forex Secrets Exposed program has been developed by a professional trader who has trained a ton of newbie traders from ground up and converted them into high income earners pretty fast. We all know this fact that out of every 100 new traders who try to make money with forex, only 5 succeed. 95 of them fail and quit in months. In order to avoid becoming part of those 95% who quit, you should take your forex training seriously. Forex Secrets Exposed Program starts from the very basic.

In video#1, you learn the very basics of the forex market. Things like what makes it different from the stock market. The key difference between bank trading and retail trading is also explained to you. Video#2 is about Leveraging a Margin Broker. Learn the secrets of how to trade using the power of leverage. Using a margin broker can give you the power of controlling huge sums of money with only a small deposit.

In Forex Secrets Exposed video#3, you learn the terms and jargon of forex trading. Video#4 teaches you how to become part of the 5% successful traders. Video#4 is very important. It shows you time zone trading by setting up a world clock of easy reference that tells you when you should trade and when you should avoid trading. Video#6 & 7 shows you a premium charting package that is fully functional and of premium quality. In video#8 & 9, you will learn step by step how to setup your charts.

In part 10, you will be provided with strategies for review in text so that you fully digest what you have learned so far. You will be provided with a specific trading system. In video#11, you will watch a live trade being made in detail using the forex system that you have been taught so far. Video#12 will show you the trade completion in continuation of the video#11 by making 50 pips in around 2 hours.

In video#13, you will get a complete review of what you have learned so far while video#14 will show you how to stream news television onto your computer so that you too can trade like the banks and the trading houses. Along with these Forex Secrets Exposed videos, you will get indicator files and a trading template to download. This will provide you with a clear and simple system for reading the charts and entering and exiting the trades with the precision of a professional trader.

Forex Secrets Exposed Advanced Fibonacci Training Course

But that’s not all. Included in the Forex Secrets Exposed Program is an Advanced Fibonacci Training Course. In this Forex Secrets Exposed Advanced Fibonacci Training Course, you will learn how to apply support and resistance to the short and medium term timeframe. How to setup charts to spot 20+ pip gaps in price action. You will also learn how to use this Fibonacci System to make from $200 to $400 daily with just one or two trades. You will also learn how to use chart indicators to clarify entry correctly. You will also learn how to determine critical support and resistance levels like a bank analyst. Forex Secrets Exposed Program comes with 60 days of no questions asked iron clad money back guarantee. You can download it and do through it. If you don’t like the training in the Forex Secrets Exposed Program, simply go for a refund.