Forex SmartPips Robot For EUR/USD, GBP/USD M30 Timeframe!

Forex SmartPips Robot has been developed by Den Murakami. Forex SmartPips Robot has been coded with a trading strategy that trades EUR/USD and GBP/USD pairs on M30 timeframe. Forex SmartPips can make upto 1000 pips per month on it’s auto mode and it’s latest version has got the News Filter (Calender) inside.

Forex SmartPips is a system of 2 robots that trade the popular pairs EUR/USD and GBP/USD. These 2 robots use 4 indicators to identify the main trend. These 4 indicators are:

1-SunRise Indicator

2-Forec-Gain Indicator

3-CCI Indicator

4-Flat Determinator

Below is a screenshot of this robot in action.

Forex SmartPips

The above 4 indicators help in correctly identifying the trend and making the right entry which is essential if the robot has to be profitable. These 4 indicators also help in anticipating the new trend. Once the order is opened the SL and TP targets are set according to information specified in the settings. The lot size is fixed by default however you can change this in the settings. There is an option that allows you to prevent the robot opening a new order on Friday. Friday is a risky day most of the time. Many traders avoid trading on this day. You can use this option to stop the robot from opening the trade on Friday. The developer has also provided the forward test results that you can view below.

Forex SmartPips

The developer is giving full 60 days of money back guarantee so that you can test drive his robot. If you are interested you can download this robot and test it thoroughly for 2 months on the demo account. Now don’t start trading live with this robot before first testing it on your demo account. Once you have tested it on the demo account and you think the performance is good, you can test it live. This means use the lowest risk settings of 0.01 lot. This will ensure that you don’t lose your account if the robot start making bad trades. When it comes to robot trading, testing is the thing that you should do before you start trading live with that robot.