Forex Social Signals From ITM Financial System That Can Make 300-500 Pips Daily!

Forex Social Signals from ITM Financial can help you jump on the big trends on the different currency pairs and make 300-500 pips daily. You can see hundreds of dollars vanish in seconds while trading forex. ITM Financial Team lost their entire fund of $120,500 in 15 minutes. After this terrible loss and after 7 years of research and brainstorming, these people came up with the Forex Social Signals Software that tells ahead where the next profitable trade should be placed that has more than 60% success probability.

ITM Financial Forex Social Signals Software System

You might be wondering what is this Forex Social Signals Software. The ITM Financial team came up with the idea of a software system that could learn from what other forex traders were doing in real time. The idea was to look over the shoulders into the successful trades being made on the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and not only copy those trades but also combine those trades with the latest financial forecasts and the latest technical analysis in real time.

You might be wondering that this sounds ambitious. According to the ITM Financial Team, it was ambitious but with the help of some top programmers, top financial analysts and a few top dogs at the Wall Street, this plan was put into action. After several years of failure, testing and tweaking and redoing almost everything, this ambitious idea resulted in a software system that taps into the two largest social media sites Facebook and Twitter.

Hundreds of thousands of forex traders from all over the world post and tweet their forex trades daily on these two social media sites several times a day. These two social media sites are the world’s greatest source of real time information on viral news and where forex traders share their success on daily basis. This software system required harnessing tidal wave of information comprising of tweets and status updates and analyze that information for patterns, successful trades, breaking news and technical analysis. This software was named ITM Financial System.

With this ITM Financial System, the loss of $120,500 was recovered in six months with drawdowns as low as 4%. Not only the loss was recovered in six months, but a profit of $85,000 was made as well trading with just two ITM Financial Forex Social Signals a day, 5 days a week for 6 months. Now what this ITM Financial software does is give you the inside knowledge about the exact trades that hundreds of successful forex traders are getting ready to place. Now, calling this software a signal provider is a misnomer but since it is the most commonly used term, so the information that this software provides is just called Forex Social Signals. Watch this video where ITM Financial System gets explained in detail!

This is what you get from the ITM Financial Software:

1. Forex signals daily that have a 60-70% chance of winning.

2. Each signal will give you the name of the currency pair with the entry and the exit price along with the target price to set your limits to, where to place the stop loss plus the direction of the trade.

3. Each signal will also provide you a forex chart that will explain why the system is predicting this move plus explaining why prices are what they are.

4. You will be able to view all the signals when you log into the members area.

5. Each week, you will be able to see the top 5 signals of the week that were traded live and what was the profit.

6. A monthly training webinar where the ITM FX Analysts will take your questions and answer them.

The ITM Financial System Team is giving 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. If you get interested, you can try these ITM Financial Forex Social Signals on your demo account RISK FREE for 60 days. Test drive these ITM Financial¬†Forex Social Signals on your demo account for full two months and if you don’t feel satisfied with the results, go for a refund.