Forex Trading Course By Dan Rowan A Fund Manager-I Made $50K Over The Weekend!

This Forex Trading Course by Dan Rowan will tell you what you need to know in order to trade forex with minimal risk. Dan Rowan is the Executive Director of Risk & Portfolio Management at the Investment Management Firm KPI Capital. The most important thing as a trader is to keep your winnings. Dan Rowan made $50K on a weekend trip. He made a trade on the Friday afternoon and then took the flight to Sydney. On Monday when he woke up, he suddenly remembered he had made a trade on Friday. He opened the account and was exhilarated to find that he had made around $50K over the weekend.

He was feeling super confident. By the next Friday, he had lost all of that $50K. The most important thing as a trader is to master how to keep your winnings. What’s the point of winning $50K when you can’t keep it over the next few days. In order to keep your winnings, you have to really master risk and money management. This is where most traders don’t pay much attention. Dan Rowan has written this forex trading course precisely to help you understand how to manage the risk in your trading. He is also giving 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. You can download it and if you think you didn’t learn anything valuable, you can always ask for a refund. This is what you will get in this Forex Trading Course by Dan Rowan:

1. The Trade Plan And The Trading Psychology

You cannot become a consistently winning trader without a proper trading plan. Dan is going to show you the critical elements of a trading plan that you must master. You will also learn how to control your emotional state. This is much more important than knowing in which direction the market will go.

2. Technical Analysis 1 & 2

In this part of the forex trading course, Dan will show you how to read the charts and the core principles of the technical analysis art.

3. 5 Minute Fundamentals And Assessing Your Model

In this part, you will discover the key fundamentals that drive the currency market direction plus you will also learn how to keep on optimizing your strategy in accordance with the changing market conditions.

4. Managing Risk And Your Trading Checklist

Trading is not gambling. What makes it different from gambling is risk and money management rules that you should strictly follow as a trader. In this part, you will learn precisely that.

Alongwith this 4 part forex trading course, you will also be downloading:

–>Trade Plan Template

–>Position Size Calculator

–>Pre-Trading Checklist