FX180 Degrees System Made $300K In 1 Year For Eduan Swart!

FX180 Degrees System has been developed by Eduan Swart who lives in South Africa. Eduan Swart claims that his FX180 Degrees is a simple mechanical forex trading system that is easy to learn and trade.

FX180 Degrees

Eduan Swart is a struggling singer/musician who wanted to achieve financial freedom. His passion was music. He acheived some success as the member of a band that played at local events but then things drifted apart. His father stepped in at this stage and told him he should first achieve financial success and then he could continue pursing the world of music as it is a very tough market. It took him 6 years to succeed at forex trading. One of his trading system made him $300K in 1 year. He is now being recruited by financial companies around the world to develop their forex trading platforms. One of his forex trading systems came third in a global forex competition. Watch this video below.

Eduan Swart with hard work succeeded as a forex trader. Now he can pursue his dream of succeeding as singer/musician as he has got financial freedom that gives him the time to pursue his passion. Watch another video below that shows him trading.

After watching the above 2 videos you should have a fair idea how this FX180 Degrees System works. When you trade this system just make sure that you follow risk management very seriously. Always make sure that you don’t open a trade with a big stop loss. Keep the Reward to Risk ratio on average at 1:1. IF you follow these simple rules you will see your trading account growing on a steady basis. Risk management is the most important thing in trading. Take it seriously if you want to lose less and win more. Those who ignore risk management always lose a lot.