FXProfitRobots Builts Profitable MT4 EAs For You!

FXProfitRobots is a team of forex traders and forex ea developers. You can order FXProfitRobots to built an EA for you. After 10 days, you get the MQL source code file of the EA alongwith the detailed performance report and the list of trades for the testing process.


Below is the 7 step development process:

1-You choose the currency pair.

2-FxProfitRobots team uses quality historical data to develop the EA

3- Test the EA using unknown out of sample quality data. If results not good, the EA is trashed and the team starts again from step 2.

4-If step 3 is successful, the EA is tested on more currency pairs to check for the versatility. If th EA not good, it is trashed and the team starts again from step 2.

5-Test for 5 different Robustness tests:

Randomizing trades order.
Randomly skipping trades.
Randomizing Starting Bar.
Randomizing Strategy Parameters.
Randomizing History data.

6- Now the team uses the following Fitness Criteria for the whole period, if it fails in any part, the team trashes the EA and goes back to step 2. A strict Fitness criteria is used by the team to judge the performance of the robot. Following is the Fitness Criteria used by the tema:

Generates no less than 15% average annual return.
Max draw down not exceeding 25%
Stability Index of no less that 70%
Passed all types of Robustness Test (mentioned in step 5)

7-You get the robot.

Now you have full 6o days after delivery to test the EA and if you don’t like it you can always ask for a refund.