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Currency price in the market moves up when there are more buyers trying to buy that currency. On the other hand, price falls when there are more sellers in the market trying to sell the currency and there are fewer buyers. Daily these buyers and sellers battle fiercely in the market trying to push the price up or down. Economics tells us that the price will always try to find an equilibrium where the number of buyers and sellers become equal but the price elasticity keeps on causing the price fluctuations. We as currency traders always are looking for the top or bottom in the market. A top is made in the market when the last buyer has bought similarly a bottom is made in the market when the last seller  has sold. A Head Fake is a measurement of how many traders are trapped at the intermediate high or the intermediate low. With this precise measurement you know when the top or the bottom has been reached.

Head Fake System

This Head Fake System is a mathematical formula that tells you when the price has reached the top or the bottom. Using this formula you will be able to enter when the big move in the market is in its infancy and profit big time. Download the Head Fake System 10 page PDF FREE.

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