How To Use Multiple Timeframe Trading in Forex Video Tutorial By James Chen

If you have been trading for a while, you know the importance of multiple timeframe analysis. Multiple timeframe analysis is done by most pro trader to figure out what is happening to the market and identify the best entry and exits. The market maybe trending on the 15 minute timeframe while it maybe ranging on the 4 hour chart. What this means is that the trend on 15 minute timeframe is not going to give you more than 50 pips in most cases. In the same manner you can identify the start of a trend on 4 hour pretty early on 1 hour of 30 minute timeframe. This helps you reduce your risk drastically. In the same manner 1 hour and 30 minute timeframe can alert you to a trend change on 4 hour much earlier as compared to 4 hour timeframe. Watch the video tutorial by James Chen in which he shows you how to master the art of multiple timeframe trading.