Jim Simons A Mathematician Who Became A Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager

Jim Simons Harris is a billionaire hedge fund manager. Jim Simons Harris is a mathematician who applied his knowledge of mathematics to crack the Wall Street Code and he was surprising good at it. He was trained as a theoretical mathematician at MIT and started his career as a code breaker at NSA during the Vietnam War. Then he switched and started breaking the Wall Street Code. James Simons is the founder of Renaissance Technologies. His making billions using his mathematical models is a proof that he was very good are cracking the Wall Street Code.

James H. Simons likes to play against type. He is a billionaire star of mathematics and private investment who often wins praise for his financial gifts to scientific research and programs to get children hooked on math.

But in his Manhattan office, high atop a Fifth Avenue building in the Flatiron district, he’s quick to tell of his career failings.

He was forgetful. He was demoted. He found out the hard way that he was terrible at programming computers. “I’d keep forgetting the notation,” Dr. Simons said. “I couldn’t write programs to save my life.”

After that, he was fired.

The “Quant King” retired from his $27 billion hedge fund firm, Renaissance Technologies, in 2010, but at 77 he continues to play a role at the firm and benefit from its funds, particularly the secretive and consistently profitable black-box strategy known as Medallion.

Jim Simons is most probably one of the greatest mathematicians alive. Simons was a professor of mathematics at Stony Brook University and was also the former chair of the Mathematics Department at Stony Brook.

His primary area of focus in mathematics has been differential geometry and topology. His mathematical models analyzed as much data as possible to identify non random patterns in them that were used to predict the price.