Kiss Forex Trading Manual And Expert Advisor Guide On A 3 Minute Set & Forget Trading Strategy!

Kiss Forex Trading System is a 3 minute set & forget system. Don’t forget the KISS principle in trading. Keep your trading simple. This Kiss Trading System is very simple. Daily at XXXX time, you will place two pending orders on the GBPUSD pair. That’s it, you can close the computer. What indicators did you use? None! You did not use any moving averages, pivot points, stochastic, RSI, MACD or any other oscillator. This Kiss Trading System does not use any indicators. It places the trades based on market flow combined with intelligent money management and proper timing. So the best part of the Kiss Trading System is that it makes pips without you sitting in front of the computer monitor for hours. Each day at the early morning London time, you will open the computer and place the pending orders using the Kiss Trading System rules and that’s it. It will not take more than 3 minutes daily.

This Kiss Forex Trading System has been developed by a professional trader who has been observing the GBPUSD pair for quite some years. What he observed was that the GBPUSD pair moves in one of the three predictable patterns. This Kiss Trading System combines these three predictable GBPUSD daily patterns with smart money management to make on average 75-150 pips per month. It does not use any indicators as said above. Trading with this system, you will place exactly one trade daily. The monthly return will be between 5-25%. When you download the Kiss Trading System, you will get:

1. A short eBook that explains the Kiss Set & Forget Trading Strategy with its simple rules using real examples.

2. Kiss Metatrader Expert Advisor.

3. Step by step video tutorials on how to install the Kiss MT4 EA and run the backtests.

4. Excel Spreadsheet Money Management and Lot Size Calculator with the past performance.

Now, this Kiss MT4 EA is not required. If you want you can trade with the Kiss System manually. However, if you want to automate this Kiss Trading Strategy, you can trade with the Kiss Expert Advisor that will automatically place the stop loss and take profit orders at the support and resistance. You will also be able to download a couple of bonuses like:

–>83% Accurate Forex Betting System

–>Custom build Cherry Picker EA

–>94% Win Rate News Trading Strategy

There is a 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee with the Kiss Trading System. If you get interested, you can download the Kiss Set & Forget System and test it on your demo account for two months. If you don’t like the results, you can always go for a refund within 2 months.