My Forex Swing Trader Advisory Service For EURUSD, GBPUSD, GBPJPY And GBPCHF Pairs!

My Forex Swing Trader Advisory Service sends trading signals for these most widely traded currency pairs that are EURUSD, GBPUSD, GBPJPY and GBPCHF. These are four of the major currency pairs that are traded daily. My Forex Swing Trader Service practices what is known as high probability swing trading. A swing trade may last from 1 to 4 days as a rule of thumb. But if the opportunity to grab more pips is there, the swing trade can go on for a few more days. My Forex Swing Trader Service uses a proprietary algorithm that uses the support and resistance to decide when to enter if there is a trend. There is no attempt to trade the tops or the bottoms. The trend is followed as long as it is strong. Once the trend loses strength, you get the signal to close the trade. Whipsaws are also avoided by the Swing Trader system.

My Forex Swing Trader signals are sent around 5:00 PM EST. Since the signals are generated using daily charts, this is the best time to generate signals for the next day. The initial signal will include the currency pair along with the entry price and the stop loss. Two positions are opened with each signal. The first position ensures a quick return while the second position is meant to ride the trend as long as possible. Expect to make around 1-3 trades per currency pair per month. As there are four currency pairs that the system generates signals, expect something like 4-12 signals per month. Since these swing trading signals are send between 5:00 PM NYT and 6:00 PM NYT, you can plan your day around them. Just open your email between these two hours, if there is a signal, simply enter that into your trading account. After that follow the updates if there are any.

How To Use Average Directional Index (ADX) To Improve The Accuracy Of My Forex Swing Trader Signals

First take a detailed look at the past performance of these signals. If you get interested, you can try these signals on your demo account for two months as there is 8 weeks of money back guarantee. Make a trading journal. Enter the signals as suggested. When you enter the signals, check the ADX oscillator. Note the value of the ADX osillator at the time of entry. If it is above 40 note it down in the trading journal. Also note whether the ADX oscillator value is higher or lower than the previous day. Using this ADX filter will improve the accuracy of these signals. After one month calculate the win rate of these signals without using the ADX filter and also calculate the win rate if you had used the ADX filter to skip a signal if the ADX value was less than 40.

ADX values lower than 20 means that the market is moving sideways and there is no trend. Values between 20-40 are inconclusive. ADX values higher than 40 means that the market is in a trend. And if the value of ADX is climbing it means the trend is getting stronger. On the other hand if the ADX values are going down, it means the trend is losing the strength and getting weak. I demo trade with these swing trader signals for one month using ADX filer, you will see the win rate better than if you had simply entered the signals without using ADX filter. After doing your analysis, make your decision about the My Forex Swing Trader Advisory Service.