Naked Forex Trading-How To Trade Trends And Reversals Video Tutorials

Naked trading is what will give you the edge as a trader. If you have been using indicators in your trading, you will have realized by now that most of the indicators are highly inaccurate. Stochastic can be overbought and still the price can jump 200-500 pips up. Why? Because overbought/oversold concepts are totally non sense. When you will trade for a while you will realize this. What works is naked trading. Naked trading means using no indicators and only using the price action. Price action is the best indicator. Trust us! You should master the skill to read price action. Watch the video below that explains how to trade naked!

This video explains in detail how to trade the trends naked!

This is the continuation to the above video that shows how to identify reversals in the market.

This video explains in detail how to identify the end of a trend well ahead of the crowd!

Watching the above videos will give you a fairly good idea what naked trading is all about. Forget about indicators. Become a naked trader!