Pips Prospect System By Mark Wilson Turned $5K into $877.74K!

Pips Prospect System turned a deposit of $5K into $877.74K with a profit factor of 5.33. Mark Wilson had got this Pips Prospect System developed by a friend. He has posted a few screenshots regarding the performance of his system. All these screenshots show the Pip Prospect System turning a small deposit into a large sum but no third party verified proof has been provided about the performance. However, Mark Wilson is providing two months of solid money back guarantee so that you can test drive his system on the demo account first and check yourself whether it works or not.

Pips Prospect

As you can see this system turned a deposit of $5K into $877,740.00 with a profit factor of 5.33. A profit factor of 5.33 means for every $1 loss, $5.33 were made. There is another screenshot posted by Mark with a claim that his system could have made $37K in just 1 day.

Pip Prospect

Test of a pudding lies in eating it. Only way to know whether this Pip Prospect System works or not is to test it on a demo account first. Since there is a two months money back guarantee, you can safely do that. So if you get interested, you can download this system and try it on the demo account. Always make it a rule that you are going to first test a new system thoroughly on the demo account first before you even think of trading live with it. If the system doesn’t work on the demo account, it means it will never work on the live account.

However, if the performance on the demo account is good, it means you should test it more and once you are thoroughly satisfied that this system is going to work, you can further test it on a live account with a small deposit of $200-$300. Just use the lot size of 0.01. A lot size of 0.01 means losing 100 pips will only result in a $10 loss. If the system is real good, you should be able to double the account in a period of 1-2 months. If you can do that, you can then trade with more confidence by increasing the lot size.