The Crash Of British Pound 50 Minute Video Documentary

George Soros the famous hedge fund manager forced British Pound to crash in 1992 and made a hefty $1 billion in just 21 hours. This incident is often quoted as Black Monday. George Soros then tried to repeat this tactic by making speculative attacks on other currencies and brought the melt down of currencies in South East Asia and a bad name for himself. In essence what George Soros did was sense a weakness in British Monetary Policy and placed a heavy bet in the market that British Pound will devalue. Market sharks joined him. This built a massive pressure on the Bank of England to defend the British Pound which it couldn’t . Bank of England simply didn’t have the resources to defend the pound and did the sensible thing, let it fall in accordance with the market forces. So this is what happens when the central banks start making unrealistic monetary policies that are simply out of touch with the market realities. Ultimately it is the market that rules. This is highly educative documentary on fundamental analysis that will make you understand how the government policies and the central banks shape the currency markets and how to anticipate what is going to happen next.