TraderSmarts Alerts For YM, ES, 6E, CL, GC, ZB And SI Futures Contracts!

TraderSmarts alerts are for those traders who trade futures contracts like YM (Emini Dow Jones), ES (Emini S&P 500), 6E (Euro GLOBEX), CL (Crude Oil), ZB (US Treasury Bond), GC (Gold) or SI (Silver). TraderSmarts Alerts are going to provide you with the opportunity to trade alongside a professional futures trader Tony.Tony is an independent trader who primarily trades YM Emini Dow Futures but he also trades 6E, GC, SI, CL, ZB, ZN and NQ Emini NASDAQ 100 Futures as well.

If you want to take part in the commodity boom that is happening right now especially in the gold and the silver market and is expected to continue in this decade, you must master how to trade the futures market. There are many markets that you can trade with the futures contracts. Trading commodity futures is what many pro traders do. Most of the trading legends also made their name trading commodity futures that includes Richard Dennis who started with not more than $450 as a small time trader and ended up making more than $150 million trading channel breakouts.

Daily Tony generates TraderSmarts Key Support and Resistance Numbers for YM, ES, 6E, GC and CL contracts. Now, you can treat these TraderSmarts Numbers as pivot points as well only they work much better. These TraderSmart Numbers are relevant and actionable and you will often find the key support and resistance levels provided by Tony to be highly accurate. These TraderSmarts Numbers are key support and resistance levels that work incredibly well. If you are trading these contracts then you can try these numbers and see yourself how close they come to the actual support and resistance levels. These S/R levels often work often to within a couple ticks. Daily you can depend on these numbers to make crucial trading decisions.

TraderSmarts TS Premium Service

So if you are a futures trader or want to become a professional futures trader than using the TraderSmarts Premium Trade Alert Service can be a good idea. You will get the Trader Smarts Premium email the night before the US session and prior to the London open. You can use the premium numbers for the YM, ES, GC, CL and 6E contracts for both the US as well as the European Sessions.

TraderSmarts TS Live Intraday Alerts

These are real time live trade alerts for the 8 markets. These 8 markets are YM, ES, GC, CL, SI, ZB, ZN and 6E. You will also get market commentary by Tony on these markets throughout the day when relevant. Tony’s trade time is between 5-8AM PST. So most of these TS Live Intraday Alerts will arrive during this time plus sometimes between 11PM to 2AM PST around the London open when Tony occasionally trades during this time.

TraderSmarts TS Swing Trade Alerts

Tony also sends TS Swing Trade Alerts for these 10 markets: Stock Index Futures (YM, ES, NQ), Energy Futures (CL, NG), Currency Futures (6E), Treasury Bond Futures (ZB, ZN) and precious metal futures (GC, SI). A swing trade can span a few days as an explosive move in the market either in the up or the down direction often happens over the course of multiple days. So anytime there is a good swing trading opportunity in these 10 markets from Sunday open to Friday close GLOBEX hours, you can get these TS Swing Trade Alerts.