Trading NFP Report And Making 150 Pips In 1 Hour With EURUSD

NFP Report is one of the most important report for USD pairs. It is only released once a month. NFP Report gives the figures on how many jobs had been created during the previous month. This week when NFP Report was released, EURUSD moved big time. It moved up 150+ pips then fell down. This is exactly what happens most of the time each time. Market moves in one direction then it moves in the other direction. So always take profit and before the market reverses.

Trading NFP Report

You can see a big bullish hourly candle made after the NFP Report release and then the price reversing itself in the next few hours. Price moved 150 pips in just the first few minutes. The entry was 1.11583 and the stop loss was 1.11433. The risk was only 15 pips. Trade was closed at 1.1310. So the profit was 152 pips. The reward to risk ratio was 10:1. Now you can all the other candles were bearish. This happens often when the market moves fast in one direction. When it does, always be ready for a retracement. This retracement is going to finish when the price touches the aqua line which is EMA55. The trend is up for the next week most probably.

Now you really don’t need to know what this NFP Report is. But if you are interested, you can read this Wikipedia article on Nonfarm Payrolls and what this means and how it affects the markets.