4X-Edge MetaTrader4 Indicator Tells You The Best Currencies To Trade With The Best Direction!

4X-Edge is an MT4 indicator that can be loaded onto any chart. 4X-Edge indicator will tell you the best currencies to trade plus the best direction to use while trading those currencies. You will be often told again and again: Always try to trade in the direction of the trend. But how to ensure that you are not trading against the short term as well as the long term trend. One way to do that is to always trade the best performing currency against the worst performing currency. 4X-Edge Indicator is based on this principle. It will tell you the strength of any one currency as compared to the other currencies on all timeframes.

However, 4X-Edge is not a trading system in itself.  It will only help you in finding the most appropriate currency pairs to trade in the most appropriate direction. It will also help you stay away from currency pairs that are directionless. But you will need to use your trading strategy or trading method to decide when to enter and when to exit a trade. However, once you start using 4X-Edge Indicator in your trading and see how powerful this indicator is, you will never stop using it.

This 4X-Edge indicator works well in trending markets. It will tell you the most appropriate pairs by taking readings on the monthly, weekly and daily timeframes. It also works well in a sideways market and will show you the most appropriate currency pairs to trade using readings from H4, H1, M30 and M15 timeframes. When you download the 4X-Edge Indicator, you will get a complete trading guide along with an implementation manual.


Now, this is a typical reading that you will see by the 4X-Edge Indicator. If you carefully look at the above readings, it shows both USD and JPY going very strong. Now what we want is to trade a strong currency against a weak currency. So trading USDJPY is not a good option as both are going strong. Note GBP and AUD are going weak. Again trading GBPUSD is not a good option as both are going weak while what we are looking for is to trade a strong currency with a weak currency. However, both GBP and AUD are weak in the long term while they are experiencing strength on the shorter timeframes. This indicates potential of retracements. Retracements trades can make good pips. So, you can look for retracement on this GBPAUD pair and plan a trade accordingly. In the same manner, both USD and JPY are showing weakness in the shorter term.

The 4X-Edge Indicator trading guide and the implementation manual will show you how to use this information that is being shown above correctly. Once you start using it in your trading, you will never stop using it. There is a 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee period. You can download this 4X-Edge Indicator and try it along with your trading system and see how much improved your trading becomes. If it doesn’t, simply return 4X-Edge indicator and get a refund.