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You can subscribe to the Surefire Trading FREE Mini Course that can show you how to improve your trading 100% in just one day plus you will also discover secret techniques of some top professional traders . Mark McRae is also going to show you in his Surefire Trading FREE Mini Course how to pinpoint entry, exit and targets for your trades. You will also discover how to use his 1-2-3 system to easily trade any market.

First let me introduce you to Mark McRae. Mark McRae lives in South Africa and is a professional forex trader. Mark McRae is the person behind Surefire Trading Challenge which one of the biggest online forex trading competitions that is held after every few months. In each round of the Surefire Trading Challenge thousands of traders from all over the world take part. Anyone who is interested can take part. There is a one month demo trading round. At the end of the one month of demo trading round, the top traders qualify for one month of live trading account that is funded with $1K provided by the organizers of the Surefire Trading Challenge.

The details of the winning forex system after each round of live trading is released. Surefire Forex Systems are systems that have been tested in one of the most grueling online trading competitions in the world. For example, Rover North Forex System won and made a return of 121% in one month of live trading. You will be astonished to find that it is a very simple system that does not use any complicated indicators. Many traders have used this system and reported the same results.

If you want to learn how to become a successful forex trader, then Mark McRae might be the right mentor for you. His trading methods are logical and simple. Surefire Trading is comprised of a number of methods. For example,  Traders Secret Code is a new method that works no matter what market you trade whether it is forex, stocks, futures or commodies. Mark McRae has been trading with the usual indicators like the moving averages, MACD, RSI or a few others when he discovered that the indicators had all given the buy signal at exactly the same time. He checked back again the next day and was surprised to discover that the new setup was working not only on the daily charts but also on other periods. With this new method he was able to nail in the markets day in and day out. He has recorded live trade videos that you can see yourself how effective his Traders Secret Code method is.

Now if you are a new trader, this method may not be for you. You will need to have experience of drawing the trendlines and knowing what moving averages are. But if you do have some experience of trading, you can try this Traders Secret Code Method RISK FREE for 60 days. It works from M5 chart to daily and weekly charts. Once you find the criteria met, you can set it and go do something else. Large moves will be automatically captured with little proportional risk.

In the Surefire Forex Trading, you will discover how to trade the currency market with a secret formula that only a handful of traders know. In Surefire Trading Plans you will discover how much you are losing using a wrong trading plan. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Surefire Trading FREE Mini Course where you will get tips by Mark McRae that will help you a lot in your trading career. By subscribing to his Surefire Trading FREE Lessons newsletter, you will get access to free trading ebooks, indicators and tips. Every two weeks, you will get the latest trading news!